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Dunkirk LNG terminal now part of the Fluxys group – Interview with Fluxys Managing Director and CEO Pascal De Buck


Dunkerque LNG recently has become part of gas infrastructure group Fluxys. Managing Director and CEO of Fluxys Pascal De Buck shares his views on the Dunkirk LNG terminal and its future development.

Fluxys recently acquired part of the stakes EDF and Total previously held in the terminal: why?

Because the Dunkirk LNG terminal fits in perfectly with our core business. We are an industrial gas infrastructure group, LNG terminalling is one of our key activities and we have been partner in the facility form the very onset. We have first-hand experience with the facility and its teams and we are convinced that integrating the terminal in the Fluxys group is beneficial both ways. We are joining our LNG experience with the expertise of the Dunkirk terminal teams to move its development forward. At the same time the terminal strengthens Fluxys’ position in Europe. Over the last decade we have grown our business substantially across Europe and through this strategy the Dunkirk terminal now enlarges our footprint on the NW European LNG map. Together with the other shareholders we will build fully on the strengths of the facility.

How do you see this potential of the Dunkirk LNG terminal develop?

For one the Dunkirk terminal is a key asset for the security of gas supply of France and NW Europe. Gas production in the Netherlands and the North Sea is declining and the terminal’s capacity is instrumental to fill that gap. Germany for example is on the look-out to diversify its gas supply with LNG and the Dunkirk terminal can become an LNG gateway to Germany through its excellent gas grid interconnection with Germany.

The small-scale LNG market is another promising outlet for the terminal, enabling LNG as alternative energy in transport and industry to play its distinctive role in the energy transition replacing high emission fuels. Therefore we fully back the Dunkirk terminal’s efforts to develop its services to load LNG onto trailers and ships to accommodate the innovative logistic chain for supplying LNG to industry and LNG-fuelled ships and trucks. In short, we are looking forward to chart new territory with the terminal.

Article présenté sur la lettre d'information : Novembre 2018


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