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Fluxys, the new lead shareholder in the Dunkirk LNG terminal, meets with the community.


For its second year of operation, the Dunkirk LNG terminal saw a sharp rise in results. Pascal De Buck, CEO of Fluxys, the new lead shareholder in the Dunkirk LNG terminal, and Béatrice Prud'homme, Chairwoman of Dunkerque LNG, presented their 2018 results to the region and described their development projects.

Since it began operating, the LNG terminal in Dunkirk has received 30 tankers for unloading and has carried out two reloads. In parallel, the terminal supplied the gas transmission network with more than 30 TWh destined for France and Belgium at the request of its two main clients, EDF and Total. 'After a soft start, business is booming. We received 10 methane tankers in all of 2017, while at this stage in 2019, we have already serviced five,' explains Béatrice Prud'homme, Chairwoman of Dunkerque LNG. Note that in 2018, the site had received 17 tankers, for a 70% increase against 2017. In 2019, at 19 March, the terminal had already processed 15 tankers.

On 7 February, Pascal De Buck, CEO of Fluxys, the new lead shareholder in Dunkerque LNG, and Béatrice Prud'homme, revisited these strong results and presented the major projects in development at a press conference followed by a meeting with local elected officials. In the age of energy transition, Pascal De Buck pitched LNG as an appealing solution: 'When used for domestic heating or vehicle fuel, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 20%. LNG is also a very good alternative to heavy fuel oil to power tankers, especially as Europe is now imposing new sulphur emissions standards. It is not a coincidence that one of the world's largest shipping companies, CMA-CGM, placed an order for nine new LNG-powered container ships last year,' he added.

This meeting also afforded an opportunity to review projects under way, including the construction of an LNG tank truck filling station. It will be able to accommodate 3,000 vehicles per year. Beginning this year approximately 1,000 trucks per year will visit the station to load LNG to supply the 'Honfleur', a ferryboat run by Brittany Ferries in Ouistreham, Normandy, as a result of a contract signed with Total's marine fuel branch.

The meeting with elected officials also enabled management to discuss opportunities for the facility and the 50-million-euro investment planned over the next three years.

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