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Clément Malherbe monitors safety at the LNG terminal


Originally from the Ardennes region (north-east France), Clément Malherbe arrived on the LNG terminal site in 2013 when the facility was under construction. After successfully working as a HSE supervisor for TS LNG (the consortium that built the process part of the terminal), Clément Malherbe was recruited by Bureau Veritas and then by Dunkerque LNG in 2017 as a HSE engineer, the position that he still occupies today.

In 2011, Clément Malherbe obtained a Master’s degree in "Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment" in Lille. He was just 23 years of age and was keen to see more of the world. "I spent several months in Australia, where I worked on farms or for individuals in exchange for board and lodging. It was a great experience, both on a human and a cultural level. It also really helped me to improve my English," he says. Back home, after visiting Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Dubai, Clément Malherbe disembarked at the LNG terminal, which was still under construction. TS LNG had just given him his first job. "It was in February 2013. I was taken on as a HSE supervisor. It was an honour to be a part of such a worksite and to take part in the commissioning of the LNG terminal. Within a good and close-knit HSE team, I was responsible for preventing risks during the preparation and implementation stages of the work undertaken by external companies," specifies Clément Malherbe. "Then, towards the end of the works and in view of the terminal’s commissioning, I prepared the organisation of the Internal Operation Plan. I subsequently switched to the safety part. I was entrusted with organising security with the terminal’s teams as the first tankers docked here."

In 2017, when the terminal went into operation, Dunkerque LNG asked Clément Malherbe to join the team as a HSE engineer in light of his experience with TS LNG. "Of course, I accepted as it was a great challenge," he reveals. "There is a lot of variety in my work at Dunkerque LNG. My main task is to ensure, together with the Operations Director, that the requirements of the order that permits the facility to be operated are met. More generally, I make sure that the regulatory requirements that apply to Dunkerque LNG as the terminal’s operator are implemented correctly. I act as the interface on safety issues between Dunkerque LNG, its subcontractors and Gaz-Opale. In addition, I am the contact person for discussions between the Regional Department for the Environment, Planning and Housing (DREAL) and Dunkerque LNG. At the same time, I ensure that regulatory safety requirements are taken into consideration correctly in the terminal’s development projects. My role is multifaceted, which is something that I really enjoy. The fact that I took part in the terminal’s construction and know the site well is a great help in my day-to-day work."

Living in Coudekerque-Branche, Clément Malherbe has perfectly adapted to life in Dunkirk, even though he still finds the sea breeze, which is a common feature on our coast, a little testing. While the passion for walking and gardening that he developed as a child in the green and rugged Ardennes region remains, he does not hesitate to don his "clet’ch" (carnival costume) in the winter and even plans to get a boat licence in the near future. All of this proves that Clément shall remain firmly anchored to this part of the coast for a long time to come.

Article présenté sur la lettre d'information : Juillet 2019


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