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Great success of the 'Safety and Environment' Day for employees of the Dunkirk LNG terminal


On 19 September, employees of the Dunkirk LNG terminal gathered for the fourth edition of the safety and environment day since the terminal’s commissioning. Organised around several entertaining and educational workshops, group cohesion was a key focus. The day was very much enjoyed by all who took part.

Employees began this rather special day with a breakfast devised by nutritionists, and which was as hearty as it was balanced. Activities began with a talk on cybersecurity given by a speaker from the French General Directorate for Internal Security. He strove to "raise awareness" of the "naivety" with which, at times, we reveal ourselves on social networks without imagining the consequences. "The major problem with the internet is that it’s a tool that we use all the time and that we think we have control over. Of course, this means we may become less careful – and this is when we are particularly vulnerable," he explained. This message, judged by some of the employees to be "alarming", was nonetheless successful in raising awareness. "I now fully understand that we aren’t always as cautious as we should be, and that it’s very easy to lose control of a machine. It was a really interesting presentation," said Els Nevelsteen, an employee at Fluxys.

Each of the employees then took part in four workshops which were both entertaining and educational.

On the environmental side, employees participated in the ‘Let’s Clean the Dunes’ workshop, developed in collaboration with the Permanent Centre for Environmental Initiatives (Centre permanent d’initiatives pour l’environnement, or CPIE) for the Flandre Maritime region. They took turns collecting waste from the beachfront and dunes alongside the LNG terminal – and learnt some facts along the way. The waste that humans leave on beaches does not necessarily come from beach attendants or ships, as we might think, but mainly from the surrounding towns, through canals, rivers, sewers, and so on. "Plastic packaging or a cigarette butt thrown on the ground is highly likely to end up in the sea later. It’s us who pollutes the seas and oceans!" declared Emmanuël Ferrez, education coordinator at the CPIE. By the end of the day, a total of 1.16 tonnes of waste had been collected by the teams.

Two workshops were presented on the theme of safety. The virtual-reality ‘Hazard Hunting’ workshop was also very well received. "It was very well done, with situations that really reflected real life. The scenario involved a walk in a general store in which numerous things weren’t right, including badly-stored or faulty equipment and inappropriate behaviour from some employees. Our role was to identify these problems in less than three minutes. It’s really quite difficult," commented Wim Troost, from Fluxys. "But I particularly appreciated the opportunity to both learn from and support my colleagues who took part in the workshop. It’s very useful, you learn a lot."

An escape game then offered the chance for the teams to uncover the reasons why "Christophe" had been found unconscious in his office, by detecting all the mistakes that had led to the industrial accident responsible. This was a "very interesting activity dealing with the sensitive subjects of road, chemical and electrical hazards," said Abdelhila Benhassou, a service provider for Dunkerque LNG. In addition to the workshop’s focus on raising awareness of hazards, he above all appreciated "the group cohesion that the escape game encouraged among people who didn’t necessarily know each other."

Finally, a ‘Movements and Posture’ workshop, led by the occupational health organisation CEDEST, raised awareness among the teams of the best ways of carrying loads and of sitting at one’s desk or in the car, in order to avoid lower back pain – undoubtedly the most widespread condition in the world of work today.

Alongside the activities, a challenge took place throughout the day. Participants gained points following their visit to each workshop. At the end of the day, the overall rankings identified three winners, each of whom received a voucher. In total, more than 80 people took part in this upbeat day focusing on raising awareness.

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