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Dunkerque LNG and its territory

58 people visit the LNG terminal for European Heritage Days


The LNG terminal opened its doors to the public on Sunday 22 September to mark this year's European Heritage Days. 58 people from the Dunkirk region and beyond attended two guided tours organised on the site.

On 22 September, the Dunkirk LNG terminal attracted a large number of curious visitors for European Heritage Days. The first two-hour tour, in the morning, was attended by 28 people, followed by a second tour attended by 30 people in the afternoon. Both tours were fully subscribed well in advance of the deadline for registrations, demonstrating the high level of interest in this major regional industrial facility.

Welcomed at the entrance to the terminal, visitors first attended a detailed indoor presentation on the facility, including a film, in order to learn about the process of producing and transporting gas and LNG throughout the world. The various compensatory measures that have been implemented in the region by Dunkerque LNG were then presented, including funding for the construction of the natural swimming pool and the Maison de la Nature in Loon-Plage, and the creation of a refuge for migratory birds in Gravelines. After the explanations, the tour of the gas storage installations began. It started with a place of much interest to visitors: the control room for the terminal’s installations. Here, the shift managers present that day, including Vincent Guilbert, answered visitors’ questions: "I’m always surprised by the questions asked by people from elsewhere, whose image of our profession and our gas storage installations is often very different from reality. They come with their own ideas, of which they’re convinced, and leave calmed down after hearing an often simple explanation that I’ve been able to provide. It’s satisfying to be able to share, to be heard and understood," he explains.

The tour continued on the roof of the administrative building, which offers an impressive panorama of the site. Finally, visitors discovered the installations via a bus tour, with an impressive view of the wharf that accommodates the tankers. This comprehensive tour delighted the participants. Everyone described the explanations provided as very interesting and all were impressed by the installations, particularly the three tanks. "A very warm welcome, a pleasant tour, staff eager to help visitors, and a considerable safety system," was one of the many positive comments left by visitors in the satisfaction questionnaire. Most of the visitors know the terminal ‘from afar’, without really understanding how it works. These tours provided an opportunity to discover it ‘from within’.

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