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William Swings, our new terminal maintenance manager as of 1 September


Originally from Liège, Belgium, and having worked at Fluxys since 2009, William Swings took on the role of LNG terminal maintenance manager on 1 September. The position will present new challenges for this travel and sports enthusiast, who will also be discovering a region he doesn’t know.

William Swings moved to the Dunkirk countryside only a few weeks ago, in order to take up his new role at the LNG terminal. The move presents professional as well as personal challenges, with his wife joining him in Dunkirk to pursue her career as a yoga and mindfulness teacher.

An industrial engineer, William Swings began working in 2004. He was first recruited by EFY Gamsys, a company that develops software specifically for the printing industry. "I spent seven weeks out of eight on trips in France and around the world, installing, configuring and adapting software for customers, whose employees I also trained. It was exciting but, after two years, I chose to find a role that was more compatible with family life," says William Swings. The young man then joined SAFRAN, where he was a study engineer. "More specifically, I worked on aircraft engine oil pumps and space valves, particularly for Ariane Espace," he adds. "The work was interesting but quite regimented, with few surprises. I then searched for a new role, and that’s how I came to join the Fluxys group in 2009." Over the course of 18 months, William Swings took part in a project aimed at doubling the capacity of the natural gas compressor station in Berneau, near Liège. In particular, he was responsible for monitoring the installation of six new compressors, providing the station with the capacity to compress gas intended for the English and German markets, in addition to those of Luxembourg and France. As the project progressed, he was appointed manager of this compressor station. "I stayed in the position from 2011 to 2019, when Fluxys offered me a role as the Dunkirk LNG terminal’s maintenance manager. It didn’t take me long to accept. This position presented a new professional challenge, and one in LNG at that. It was also an opportunity to discover a region that I wasn’t at all familiar with," he explains.

Having arrived for his new role on 1 September, William Swings is still finding his feet, although he adds that his first impressions have been very positive. "The role of the twelve-strong maintenance team is to plan and implement the preventive and corrective actions that will allow the terminal to operate without a single failure (or as few as possible). It’s essentially fieldwork where there’s never a routine, which is a good match for me as a person."

In addition to work, William has also found a region he likes, where the people "are very friendly and welcoming" and which allows him to practice a sport he loves: kitesurfing. "My wife and I do a lot of sport. We like going for long hikes when we’re on holiday, and we’re also keen on paragliding. That, however, will be more difficult in Dunkirk," he says with a smile, "although that doesn’t change anything in terms of our plan to spend a few years here."

Article présenté sur la lettre d'information : Novembre 2019


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