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Dunkerque LNG and its territory

Dunkerque LNG, a partner of Dunkirk’s Corsaires. Excellence and technical expertise are values shared by both parties


Dunkerque LNG recently signed with Les Corsaires, Dunkirk’s hockey club, a partnership agreement for the 2019/2020 season. The terminal is supporting the professional team that competes in the ‘D1 National’ league, as well as amateur players, particularly children.

"Dunkirk hockey club embodies the values of excellence, technical expertise and team spirit... which are the values of Dunkerque LNG," stresses Juan Vazquez, Chairman of Dunkerque LNG and of Gaz-Opale. "We also have more surprising points in common, such as cold management. Our partnership is more than just financial assistance: it brings the terminal and the club together to develop projects of benefit to the region and to initiate synergies."

Sharing notoriety and outdoing one another

"Les Corsaires are honoured to be supported by the Dunkirk LNG terminal, which is a jewel in this industry. The partnership lets us share some of the terminal’s notoriety. We sublimate ourselves, each party at its own level," says happily the executive director of the Corsaires’ professional team, Jean-Pierre Thomas. "It is an unusual partnership. In general, our sponsors accompany either the amateurs or the professionals. Dunkerque LNG decided to take an interest in both groups, particularly the youngest players."

For the hockey club, support from companies is essential as sponsors fund 25% of the club’s budget. More specifically, Dunkerque LNG sponsors matches and gives a set of jerseys to the youngest - 6/8 years of age. On 1 February, around 50 employees visited the ice rink, met the professional team and talked about the sport... and about the best way to conserve ice. The professional team players shall also have the opportunity to discover the LNG terminal. A mutually-enriching experience!

An introduction to hockey for 30 children from underprivileged neighbourhoods

The partnership between Les Corsaires and Dunkerque LNG is also charitable in nature. Next month, the hockey club shall invite 30 children from underprivileged neighbourhoods to discover the sport in the company of D1 league players. The children will be able to skate, discover the rules of the game and talk to the team. Dunkerque LNG is very much involved in organising actions that benefit young people who live locally. On this occasion, the company will give each child a ticket to a hockey match as well as a sports kit containing a towel and a water bottle. These events represent a highlight and a great opportunity to meet other people. 

Article présenté sur la lettre d'information : Février 2020


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