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Dunkerque LNG is taking steps to protect biodiversity


The Dunkerque LNG terminal is located in a coastal fringe area with dunes, where many species of animals and plants live. The site is committed to preserving biodiversity.

Are you familiar with the natterjack toad or glasswort? This amphibian and this protected edible halophyte plant are commonly found at the terminal. There are also seals, porpoises, seabirds, reptiles and a wide variety of plants. This wealth needs to be protected. "Since the beginning of the project, Dunkerque LNG has been committed to maintaining a high level of compliance with environmental requirements", explains Clément Malherbe, HSE engineer at Dunkerque LNG. "In particular, this commitment involves enhancing the ecology of undeveloped land on the site, including active or passive restoration of grassy dunes and colonisation by flora and fauna."

As from the construction phase, Dunkerque LNG established a sustainable partnership with the Permanent Centre of Initiatives for the Environment of Coastal Flanders (CPIE), an association that works to raise awareness of the environment and carries out activities to support local areas and businesses. Substantial work was carried out to list the species present prior to the start of construction works. "Thanks to the initial ecological diagnosis and our knowledge of the area, we have prepared biodiversity sheets, which are published in the newsletters," says Guillaume Schodet, Biodiversity Task Officer at CPIE. This is a good way to familiarise on-site staff with these animals and plants. The CPIE teams also organise workshops during Health, Safety and Environment days. "We organise workshops to teach employees and their families how to make nests and insect hotels can we provide guided tours of the beach. In this way, every year employees find out more about their site from another angle.

Article présenté sur la lettre d'information : Juin 2020


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