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Adrien Bellanger, Planning and Maintenance Analysis Officer


"An exciting profession at the core of the operations"

Adrien Bellanger has held the position of Planning and Maintenance Analysis Officer at the Dunkerque LNG terminal since 1st February 2020. He tells us about his career path, his feelings about his arrival at Gaz-Opale and his enthusiasm for his job.

"I am in charge of Planning and Maintenance Analysis at the terminal. My job is to manage the site’s maintenance programme and its regulatory aspects and to facilitate preventive or remedial operations involving different trades.

I have always liked machines and technical matters and I always like to understand how my surroundings function. After obtaining a university technical degree in Mechanical Engineering, I left the North where I grew up to study for a professional degree in aeronautical maintenance, then a master’s degree in project management and flight operations in Toulouse. I worked on Airbus production lines, on the A380 and then on the A350 where I carried out quality inspections and project management. At the end of 2017 I returned to the North to design and set up an assembly line at Ingersoll Rand in Lille. When I found out about the LNG terminal, I immediately wanted to join the adventure. A new industrial site that combines multiple technical professions, with teams on a human scale. I was ready to take up a different position from my past career and experience in order to join this company. That’s how I started working in the Purchasing department as a contract writer. I learned a great deal about service management. In July 2019 I returned to my favourite topic by joining the Project team to set up the organisation of the new tanker lorry filling station.

COVID-19, an additional challenge

Since 1st February 2020 I have been the Maintenance Planning and Analysis Officer for Gaz-Opale. I love my job because it has no routines. I constantly have to manage unforeseen circumstances and the days always go very fast. I also being constantly in contact with the teams and in the field. This position is a great challenge which I have meet, especially since I took over from Stéphane Canteloup, a real expert in his field. The COVID-19 health crisis has further complicated my work, bringing an additional challenge. The annual maintenance programme is a major workload for the teams. With new organisation required as a result of COVID-19, I constantly have to make choices about what is or isn’t a priority while maintaining the service provided by the terminal and its regulatory compliance. This work is complex but exhilarating."

Article présenté sur la lettre d'information : Juin 2020


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