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Sibylle de Veyrac, sales manager


"A job that’s 100% passion and 0% routine"
Sibylle de Veyrac joined Dunkerque LNG in January 2019 as sales manager. This 31-year-old – who is as dynamic as she is diplomatic – shares her passion for her work with us.

"At Dunkerque LNG, the role of a sales manager is first and foremost to be part of a positive and committed team formed of four other colleagues and headed by the Sales & Marketing Director.

There are several aspects to the job. The first is the management of the long-term contracts in place with Total and EDF, the terminal’s customers. Their contracts expire in 2036 and we need to bring those contracts to life by developing an excellent knowledge of their clauses and ensuring strict compliance with them. The role also includes a second, more operational aspect, linked to the terminal’s activities. We’re on call once a month: during this period, our job is to act as a liaison between the terminal and its counterparts – primarily clients but also the network or other intermediaries.

The final aspect of our work involves the development of the terminal’s activities, whether these are existing or new services, such as LNG truck loading, which began in June 2020, or the loading of supply vessels. In 2020, the sales team was particularly busy, most notably due to two open seasons regarding our long-term and short-term available capacity from 2021.

Diplomacy and rigour are essential

What I love about my job is there’s no such thing as routine. My work is very varied, and no two days are alike. The relational aspect is essential and all at once, we have to be diplomatic, rigorous and firm in terms of our guidelines. The legal aspect is very visible, which I like because law is an area I’ve always been interested in. I really enjoy the international dimension of my job, particularly the fact that I’m able to work in English.

I have a master’s degree in energy economics from IFPEN. Before joining Dunkerque LNG, I was responsible for communications and market analysis for the GIIGNL, an international organisation that promotes the development of LNG-related activities, and which has around 90 members all over the world. That’s how I learned about Dunkerque LNG. The sales department is based in the Ile-de-France region, and so I still live in this region – my home region and an area I love. My time at Sciences Po Lille also gave me the opportunity to discover the charms of the Nord region and I’m always delighted to come to Dunkirk as part of our activities, whether to talk with the teams or to show people around the facility. 

On a personal level, I love film, good food, travel, sport and dance, particularly classical dance, which I’ve practised for twelve years. I love trying new things, I like things to be in motion – both in my everyday life and at work. And in that regard, Dunkerque LNG couldn’t be a better place for me!"

Article présenté sur la lettre d'information : Novembre 2020


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