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Olivier Heurtin, new CEO of Dunkerque LNG


"Energy has always been one of my passions"
Olivier Heurtin took up his post as CEO of Dunkerque LNG on 1 October 2020. The 49-year-old aims to use the experience he has gained all over the world in the 24 years he has spent at Total to benefit the terminal.

"I’ve always been passionate about energy. There’s nothing more essential than bringing people the energy that allows them to live in decent conditions. After studying at Supélec and getting my MBA from the Collège des Ingénieurs, I was recruited by Total. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to discover the various business lines of the upstream branch, which covers exploration, development of deposits, and their operation. It’s both exciting and very varied. I wanted to travel – and I certainly got my wish! I started out in Scotland, first on dry land, then on a platform in the North Sea. Then, I spent four years in Thailand, where I worked on the development of a large gas field in the Gulf of Thailand. After a few years in Venezuela and Argentina, and then in Asia again, I was responsible for the Iraq and the Kurdistan subsidiaries of the group. My latest role was in Mexico. All of these international experiences have given me real open-mindedness. I know there are different ways of achieving a result. I appreciate working with other cultures and people. I believe in people."

LNG, the way to a successful energy transition

"The opportunity to become CEO of Dunkerque LNG came at just the right moment. I want to focus more closely on natural gas, which I think will play a major role in the energy transition. An engineer by training, I appreciate the high level of technical expertise this sector requires. What’s more, I’d like more geographic stability, including for my wife and my two daughters, who are 11 and 13.

I’m delighted to be able to help write the history of the Dunkerque LNG terminal. It’s a recent industrial project, which began operating just three years ago, and which will be around for several decades. New projects are also in the making – for example, small-scale filling activities. Marketing available capacity is of course a major challenge for the future. My experience at Total means I will be able to bring structuring methods to the table in order to develop a long-term vision. I am planning on dividing my time between Dunkirk and Paris, where the sales teams are based.

On a personal level, I love wide open spaces and the ocean. I’ve always enjoyed watersports and board sports, from boating to surfing to windsurfing. In particular, I’m a fan of kitesurfing, a sport that I’ll be only too pleased to practise in Dunkirk’s spots."

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