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Antoine Minne: electricity and instrumentation monitoring manager


Antoine Minne has been an electricity and instrumentation monitoring co-ordinator since January 2020 at Gaz-Opale, the operator of the Dunkerque LNG terminal. He talks to us about his work at the beating heart of the terminal's maintenance processes.

"I’m 29 years old, and I’ve been an electricity and instrumentation monitoring co-ordinator here at the terminal for the last year. I hold a BTS certificate in electrical engineering, and started out doing temporary work in the electrical sector. After that, I worked as a maintenance electrician in the steel industry, then started work at another company as an electrical works co-ordinator.

As part of my work as an electricity and instrumentation co-ordinator at the Dunkerque LNG terminal, I’m in charge of organising and tracking preventative and corrective electrical maintenance operations. My duties are very varied. They cover not only simple tasks such as lighting replacement work, but also complex processes. I examine advance maintenance plans ahead of project work: I check that the companies coming to perform work at the terminal have implemented the appropriate procedures, and I support them in technical and practical terms. I also issue work permits.

From office work to field work: high and low voltage

I love the varied nature of my work. I divide my time between the office, where I do my basic work, and the site itself, which is very instructive. In technical terms, I work with both high-voltage and low-voltage infrastructure.

I perform some intervention work myself on an on-call basis – a duty I share with the team manager , and two other electricity and instrumentation monitoring co-ordinators. That means we're each on call one week in four; and the pace in those weeks can vary considerably!

I’m learning a lot; no two days are alike. It's also great to be back in Dunkerque, my home town. And icing on the cake, I work with a view of the sea Yes, this really is my dream job."

Article présenté sur la lettre d'information : Mars 2021


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