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Dunkerque LNG and its territory

Generating recognition and affection for the Port of Dunkerque


Dunkerque LNG has deep roots in its local region, and is a partner of the town's "Musée Portuaire" museum. It has been a beneficial long-term partnership for both parties. Find out more about this institution with Delphine Taleux-Grisot, Director of the Musée Portuaire.

"Without the port, there would be no Dunkerque as we know it. The port is the nerve centre of the town, and embodies its history, professions and traditions. However, for safety reasons, the port is closed to local residents. They no longer have the ability to roam freely around it, as they were still able to do as recently as thirty years ago. The Musée Portuaire lets visitors explore the port through time... yesterday, today and tomorrow. With firm roots in its local region and a dedicated economic ecosystem, it seeks to preserve and promote maritime and port heritage.

Corporate Sponsorship Club

The Musée Portuaire is 75% financed by public authorities and 25% self-funded. We generate a portion of our income through ticketing, events and shops, but we need additional funds. In 1992, Jean Deweerdt, an entrepreneur and former Chairman of the Musée Portuaire, created a Corporate Sponsorship Club – an idea ahead of its time. Dunkerque LNG joined the club in 2012 at the start of construction work on the terminal.

Invitations, exhibitions and photo competitions

The partnership with Dunkerque LNG has not just been a financial one. We maintain close ties, and share our expertise on various subjects. The terminal features in the museum's exhibitions, while its employees are involved in the events we organise and are eligible for free admission. We also co-construct projects. This year, for example, Dunkerque LNG will be organising an internal photo competition focusing on employees’ impressions of the terminal, with an exhibition at the Musée Portuaire forming a particular highlight.

Terminal visits with the Port Center

Dunkerque LNG is also a favoured partner of the new Port Center – a source of knowledge and information regarding the port, its stakeholders, its growth projects and the challenges of tomorrow, which opened its doors on 4 July 2020. This goal of this new facility, created by Dunkerque's Grand Port Maritime, the Dunkerque town council and the ACMAPOR-Musée Portuaire association, is to strengthen links between the port and local residents. Although not possible at present because of the current health situation, the Port Center will be organising visits to the Port as soon as possible, with Dunkerque LNG partnering in the initiative. It will be a great opportunity to discover the industrial and energy riches of our local region. "

Did you know?

The "Port Center" name is a title awarded by the Association Internationale des Villes Portuaires (AIVP). To date, 16 towns worldwide have embarked on the "Port Center" adventure and opened their doors to the public, including: Antwerp (Belgium), Vancouver (Canada), Bilbao (Spain), Genoa (Italy), Ashdod (Israel) and Le Havre (France).

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