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Recap of Safety/Environment Day at the Dunkerque LNG terminal: safety, a shared value


Teams from the Dunkerque LNG terminal took part in the annual Safety/Environment Day on Wednesday 29 September. The event took place at the terminal and was attended by more than 100 employees from Dunkerque LNG and Gaz-Opale, along with their contractors and subcontractors. The aim: establish a common safety culture. Read on for a recap of a day that was equal parts fun and educational.

The Dunkerque LNG terminal has reached a record number of 472 days(*) without a lost-time accident. Every year, Dunkerque LNG, the owner and operator of the terminal, and Gaz-Opale, the operator, organise a Safety/Environment Day for employees and subcontractors. "Salespeople talk to engineers, employees to service providers. Everyone learns from each other. This diversity of perspectives is really useful," says Clément Malherbe, HSE engineer at Dunkerque LNG.

Participants in action

On 29 September, the hundred or so participants attended fun and instructive workshops. On the menu: a quiz on the Highway Code, a cybersecurity conference, a workshop on the risks of working at a height, a "risk hunt" game on an inactive construction site, and a biodiversity workshop introducing compensatory measures and the site's natural resources, followed by a beach clean-up on the outskirts of the terminal. Participants could earn points throughout the day by taking challenges set by the facilitators. But since it’s the taking part that matters, everyone got a little souvenir at the end of the day.

"The range of activities on offer during the event proves that safety and the environment are very rich topics that affect many fields and can be understood in many different ways. It's far from boring conferences and lectures in a classroom. Throughout the day, the participants were driving the action, they (finally) got together and learned a lot by doing and getting involved," underlines Clément Malherbe.

This Safety/Environmental Day was the first large-scale event organised at the terminal since the beginning of the Covid-19 health crisis. The team in charge of organising planned everything for optimal safety conditions with monitors, outdoor activities and strict preventive measures. "It was great to finally get together after months of remote meetings." 

100% satisfaction

"We have had extremely positive feedback on the event," says Clément Malherbe. "It showed in concrete terms that safety isn't just about strict rules, that it’s also about establishing a common culture for us to work better together.

The teams at the Dunkerque LNG terminal are already looking forward to the 2022 event next summer!

(*) Accurate as of the time of writing, 1 December 2021.

Article présenté sur la lettre d'information : Décembre 2021


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