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Morgane Mistri, patrolperson


Morgane Mistri tells us about her job with a voice full of passion. She has worked as a patrolperson at the Dunkerque LNG terminal since 2014. A relatively unknown profession that never gets monotonous.

Operate and guarantee  the security of the terminal  on a daily basis

« A patrolperson’s task consists of patrolling a site to ensure its security. Our primary mission is to prevent any problems. In the event of an alarm, we intervene directly on the equipment. The terminal operates automatically to a large extent. It is essential to ensure on the ground that there are no faults, that the sensors are operational and that the oil levels are correct. I am the eyes, ears and legs of the control panel supervisor, the control room operator. He makes the decisions, from his screens, but it’s up to the patrolperson to make sure the equipment works as intended. 

Seven teams working 3 shifts

I love my job because routine has no part in it. We are organised in 3 shifts, so we can work during the day as well as at night. Terminal security is provided by seven teams of four: two patrolpersons, a shift manager and a control panel supervisor. In addition, three patrolpersons specialise in loading trucks: "truck loaders". 5 out of 17 patrolpersons are women. I don’t have any qualifications and yet I’m lucky enough to have an exciting job. In early 2014, I took a six-month training course, passed my HGV licence and joined Gaz-Opale in August of the same year. I was there at the start-up of the terminal. I know the nooks and crannies of the site very well, yet I am still learning every day. At the moment we are in maintenance shutdown, which is a particularly instructive time.

Have eyes everywhere and... keep calm

A good patrolperson must have eyes everywhere, be alert and know how to keep calm in all circumstances. It’s an active job, I personally would never have been able to sit in a chair for eight hours a day. We need to be knowledgeable in many areas, in mechanics, electricity, etc. You can also get promoted, by specialising in a specific area or training to become a control panel supervisor or shift manager. I am 42 years old and I hope to continue to work as a patrolperson for a long time!". »

Article présenté sur la lettre d'information : Juillet 2022


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