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Life on the Dunkirk worksite

The terminal’s thousand and one projects


At the terminal, we distinguish between Dunkerque LNG’s commercial projects aimed at providing new services or creating new infrastructures (Truckloading, Fast Reloading) and modification projects headed by Gaz-Opale, which are just as essential to its smooth operation. Projects monitored and managed by the Gaz-Opale project team, Thomas Michot, project support manager and Louis Meesemaecker, project engineer.

« The Gaz-Opale project unit is responsible for everything that contributes to improving the safety and operation of the terminal. We intervene when the activity is part of a modification process or is not included in routine maintenance operations. We currently monitor a portfolio of around 200 projects. Some can be dealt with in a few hours, while others require years of deployment. The teams report their requests to us via the SAP tool. We study them, identify the needs and propose solutions. In particular, we assess the feasibility and financial cost. Once a month, these projects are presented to the modification committee. Made up of Gaz-Opale’s executive committee and Dunkerque LNG’s technical division, it rules on projects to be carried out, scheduled or cancelled» explains Thomas. 

An essential link

« he project unit works on a number of themes: lreliability, machine efficiency, consumption, safety, accessibility, ergonomics, etc. We put into practice the proposals for improvement made by terminal employees. When we do not have the skills, we rely on business lines or call on external firms. Current structural projects include the accessibility of the pipeway area with the installation of safety cages and permanent walkways instead of scaffolding, and the installation of retractable masts to access the gas and flame detectors. We also replaced the propane tank with an innovative organisation. We feel there are no little ideas or small projects. If issues are not addressed, they become pebbles in our shoes that build up and ultimately prevent us from moving forward. Our job is first and foremost to make life easier for our colleagues, by enabling them to work more efficiently in better conditions » adds Louis.  

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