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Dunkerque LNG and its territory

S3PI - Dunkerque LNG - Raising awareness of the territory’s industrial risks


The Opal Coast and Flanders region is home to 22 "Seveso" high-threshold industrial sites and one nuclear power plant, the activities of which may pose a major accident hazard. The companies involved, including Dunkerque LNG, are subject to additional constraints and must in particular inform the population living near their facilities. A new information campaign - the 8th of its kind - is being implemented with the support of the Permanent Secretariat for the Prevention of Industrial Risks and Pollution (SPPPI) in the Opal Coast Flanders region. A number of actions will punctuate this campaign over the 2022-2026 period.

New information campaign on industrial risks

"The Permanent Secretariat for the Prevention of Industrial Risks and Pollution, created more than thirty years ago, is a collegiate body promoting dialogue and consultation that brings together all partners concerned by issues relating to the industrial environment, including Dunkerque LNG, under the chairmanship of the Prefect of the Hauts-de-France Region. Its mission is to promote actions aimed at reducing pollution, nuisances and risks of all types, and to inform the population thereof", explains Grégory Lefrançois, head of the SPPPI. The SPPPI deals with all subjects related to safety, industry and the environment, with commissions on five major themes: air, odours, noise/waste, polluted sites and soil, water, industrial risks and new projects. It coordinates global studies on industrial risks on a territorial scale and organises presentations of industrial projects, before they are launched, to all stakeholders in a given territory. 

185,000 brochures distributed

One of the SPPPI’s key tasks is to inform the public. Every 5 years, Seveso high-threshold industrial sites are required to set up a campaign informing their local residents of major industrial risks. This campaign should, at the very least, inform them of the various risks that exist on their site and the safety instructions they should know about. Since 1991, the Seveso sites in the region have pooled their information campaign, which is now coordinated and prepared by the SPPPI. 25 establishments are taking part in the campaign: the 22 Seveso high-threshold sites, for which this is a requirement, but also other voluntary industrial companies.

"The new campaign was launched in March 2022 with the distribution of 185,000 brochures to the residents of 55 municipalities in the region. The aim is to present the Seveso sites and remind them of the instructions to be followed in the event of an accident. This brochure will be supplemented by educational kits for schoolchildren who provided us with inspiration for the Dunkerque LNG visit materials, as well as information videos. Enlightening young people on the concepts of industrial risks and opportunities is essential, like the awareness-raising campaigns conducted by Dunkerque LNG in schools to talk about risks", adds Grégory Lefrançois. For those who have not received it, the information brochure on industrial risks is available online:

Did you know?

Seveso, reinforced prevention and safety

Following an industrial accident in the Italian town of Seveso in 1976, the European authorities adopted the Seveso Directive in 1982. This text imposes preventive measures and reinforced security on establishments the activity of which may pose a major industrial risk. To find out more:

Be prepared in the event of an emergency

Find out what to do in the event of an emergency. Put together a shelter kit, including a battery-powered portable radio, spare batteries, a torch, bottled drinking water, materials to seal doors and windows (cardboard, cloth, tape).


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