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Dunkerque LNG and its territory

Dunkerque LNG steps on the gas at the PLUS


For several years, the Palais de l'Univers et des Sciences (PLUS) in Cappelle-la-Grande has been taking part in the Science Festival. Last October, Dunkerque LNG took part in the event, offering a four-day scientific workshop.

"We are really delighted with this partnership with Dunkerque LNG for the Science Festival," commented Bernard Levant, Director of PLUS. He added: "Our facilities are here to promote science, technology and industry. The LNG terminal is a major part of industry in the region. Creating a workshop on gas in all its forms seemed like a natural step to us. It is an opportunity to improve knowledge about this type of energy and state-of-the-art production techniques."

The workshop offered by Dunkerque LNG, "Gas in all its states", was led by Clément Martel from Exirys between 11 and 14 October. Nearly 160 secondary school students and more than 180 visitors took part over the weekend. Among them was Lorenzo, a year 8 student at Collège Jean-Monnet  in Grand-Fort-Philippe, who didn't miss a single word of the lecture: "It's really interesting," he enthused, a pen and notebook full of notes in his hand. "I learned a lot about gas, for example, that it can be liquid or gaseous and that it comes from a rock. And I also have a better understanding of how an LNG terminal works. The terminal isn't too far from my house, but I had never been interested in it before. Maybe one day I will work there." Clément split his workshop into two parts. The first part focused on explaining how gas is formed, how it is extracted and what forms it can take. The second part was used to explain operations at the LNG terminal: arrival of ships, LNG storage, making sure the facilities run smoothly, regasification according to customer demand, and adding the gas to the grid. "The workshop lasted half an hour. There is a fun part with experiments that they really enjoy. Students are interested and ask questions, and that’s the most important thing, really," he explains.

Dunkerque LNG developed the workshop on gas to create a link between the theory taught to students and practical applications in the professional world.

"It is essential for us to introduce the industrial world to young people so that they have better knowledge of it. It is by creating this link with young people that we will be able to encourage them to pursue the field when they are older. Being associated with this type of event allows us to show everyone that the industrial world is accessible," explains Béatrice Prud'homme, President of Dunkerque LNG.

Article présenté sur la lettre d'information : Novembre 2018


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