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Technical director: a varied position


Luc Warzee has been the Dunkerque LNG Technical director since 2 November. He tells us about his role and career.

"The role of a technical director is varied. First and foremost, I take part in the management and implementation of the terminal’s major projects and investments. At Dunkerque LNG, there are many of them! We have introduced the fast reloading of LNG vessels; we are finalising the tank-truck filling station and we are also working on the adaptation of our wharf to small scales. These vessels have bunkering capacity and can supply LNG to different types of vessel powered by this fuel. All of these projects have different time frames and challenges, which have to be managed with safety in mind!

As the Technical director, I am also the main contact for all of our external partners regarding technical, safety and environmental matters. I am responsible for making sure our installations comply with regulations. My role also comprises a managerial dimension, as I lead a technical team made up of employees and service providers.

Technical and people-focused

I love my job as it is not based on any routine and it mainly focuses on technical subjects. I have 30 years’ experience in industry. I have worked in very different sectors and in companies that vary in size. At Toyota, I learnt a lot about methodology and pragmatism. Taking part in the start-up of the Valenciennes car plant proved to be very enriching on a professional level. Before joining Dunkerque LNG, I worked for the US group, Corning, which specialises in the production of glass for high added-value sectors such as telephony and electronics. I have also worked for small firms, which enabled me to get involved in many different aspects of a company’s life.

I would like to bring to Dunkerque LNG and its partners my knowledge of industrial processes, my passion for technical subjects, and my desire to find innovative solutions and to build human relationships based on professionalism and shared trust."

Luc Warzee's profile

  • 54 years of age
  • Born in Lorraine
  • Studied at EUDIL (now called, Polytech Lille)
  • In a civil partnership ('PACS’), three children
  • Passion for tennis and shows

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