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Yasmine Bouayoud, Head of Contracts and Compliance:


"I'm 37 years old and have a Masters degree in business law from the Sorbonne University. I’ve worked in a variety of different sectors: IT services (CGI), Professional Training (Demos) and Logistics and Transport (La Poste Group and Bertelsmann Group).

Since 1 June 2023, I have been Head of Contracts and Compliance at Dunkerque LNG. Reporting to the General Secretary, this is a wide-ranging position that involves being the expert legal contact for these two aspects for Dunkerque LNG and Gaz-Opale.

My main tasks therefore consist in negotiating contracts with customers and suppliers, ensuring compliance with legal obligations concerning the life of the companies, and structuring processes relating to Compliance (legal and ethical rules applicable to companies).

Today, I'm thrilled to be joining Dunkerque LNG, which is a major European player in LNG and also one of the pioneers in France in the field of decarbonisation with its new projects (in particular the creation of a CO2 terminal). I'm really looking forward to getting involved in these incredible projects!"

Article présenté sur la lettre d'information : Octobre 2023


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