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Dunkerque LNG and its territory

Virtual reality at the Port Center: Dunkerque LNG as if you were there!


The virtual reality tool developed by the Dunkerque Port Center enables visitors to discover the port of Dunkirk in just nine minutes. The Dunkerque LNG Terminal, which has signed a one-year agreement with the Port Center, has a special place on the tour itinerary.

Like a peaceful bird, you soar through the skies. You discover the port, or rather the ports, of Dunkirk. The Dunkerque LNG Terminal takes shape, and you can observe the imposing equipment... A voice-over explains how the gas gets from the ship to the tanks. Made possible by new technologies, this journey is as enjoyable as it is educational.

"Developed in 2022 by a specialist agency, this virtual reality solution gives visitors a 360-degree view of the port and helps them understand current issues, particularly those relating to the energy transition," explains Christelle Miot-Dawes, Director of the Dunkerque Port Center. "Since its commissioning in May 2023, it has been a huge success. We are very happy that Dunkerque LNG, a key partner, is part of this project."

Virtual tours, real tours

Dunkerque LNG contributed to the creation of the virtual reality tool through a financial grant and by providing technical and educational elements.

"We are thrilled to be joining the Port Center adventure. I’m delighted to be able to build on the links we have already established and deepen our relationship. It makes sense in terms of our values and our commitment to the region. I'm sure we'll be working on some great projects together," says Olivier Heurtin, Chairman of Dunkerque LNG.

Twice a year, the Port Center will give Dunkerque LNG the opportunity to use its virtual tour at the events it organises. Guided bus tours of the Port Center and port facilities will also be offered to Dunkerque LNG's partners. These are great initiatives to develop a shared port culture.

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